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with Lighting

what you need to see when it’s

dark. The main types of built in

accent lighting are cove, soffit, and


Valance lighting is a source of light

fixed to a wall, behind a flat sheet of

material (a valance), that causes the

light to be directed both above and

below the fixture. Soffit lighting is

what it sounds like – a light built into

a soffit. It is directed downwards in

an ambient fashion and illuminates

the wall. The opposite would be

cove lighting. Often recessed behind

cupboards, ledges, or other fixtures,

these lights radiate upwards,

illuminating ceilings and walls. These

indirect lighting methods are great

for ambient lighting which does not

create large amounts of glare

or shadow.

Light features

A light feature could be a beautiful

object, or it can be an object that

creates beautiful lighting. Crystal

chandeliers are great examples

of a feature that does both. Of

course not every situation calls for

a crystal chandelier! If focused or

direct lighting is what you’re after,

perhaps in a kitchen or dining room,

things like track lighting or recessed

down lights can be understated, yet

pleasing to the eye. If you want to

create an aesthetic effect more than

a lighting solution, consider options

like wall sconces or floor lamps that

create patterns with light.

In any lighting application, things to

consider are brightness, colour or

mood, shadow and glare, and the

materials the light will bounce off.